When it comes to personalizing your FR gear, many companies & individuals want to embroider their logo or name to make their brand known. Bocomal FR has you covered with our in-house direct embroidery services. We can digitize: .tif, .ai, .png, .dst, .jpeg, .eps, and .bmp, logo file formats. We carry a huge selection of thread colors and guarantee that our applications will be of the highest quality and color accuracy. To offer more color options at the best prices, we standardize the use of synthetic thread.  



We also offer FR thread upon request. Note, however, FR thread is not needed for FR clothing embroidery. As you will read below, there is no UL code or industry requirement for FR thread. It is also limited in color availability and more expensive for the consumer - making it a less ideal option.



We also provide other customized services:Transfers,Taping,Patches......



If you are ready to brand your gear but have more questions,please contact us!

 We can help answer any questions you have.