Bocomal FR 



Safety isn’t just a priority. It’s a necessity. Construction and industry workers face life-threatening risks every day on the job. With company reputation on the line, you can count on Bocomal Flame Resistant Clothing to provide ample protection during work. 

Our FR/AR shirts and pants from our factory are highly recommended for people working in pharmaceuticals, petrochemical labs, electrical farms, construction sites, railroads, and other industries where exposure to fire and workplace hazards is high. 

Our safety products have been specially designed to match NFPA 2112 and NFPA 70E standards and are UL certified. These clothing protect you against arc flashes, blasts, and flames without bodily harm. 

With over 10 years of relevant experience under our belt, we have remained consistent in improving the quality of our products and services, ensuring it meets the highest levels of safety and comfort for our customers.

What’s more? We can provide customized FR/AR clothing for all our customers, maintaining quality in protection and style.


How We Began

Bocomal Flame Resistant Clothing started with a single dream: to give workers the right to control their own safety. The industrial eco-system is in dire need of PPE that doesn’t just only protect its user but looks good and fit. This concern and demand for more protective gear inspired us to launch a factory that produces the very best PPE for assured safety.

Thus, we ethically source the best materials and take special care in designing them to meet global HSE standards.


Future Projections

Here at Bocomal Flame Resistant Clothing, we are constantly changing how people think about safety gear. Who says you can’t be fully protected and look good at the same time?

Our designers and safety specialists come together to develop new gear that will shift the image of protective wear. We’ve been doing so for the past 10 years, and we won’t stop now. 

Bocomal FR understands your safety needs. We have designed just what you need to have the unwavering confidence to perform your tasks seamlessly. 

Discover our unique offerings by browsing our top collections today.